Cantinetta Antinori

The restaurant for Italian pleasure "alla maniera Antinori" has been in Vienna since 1995. Other restaurants can be found in the cities of Florence, Monte Carlo, Moscow and Zurich.

In Vienna, guests at Cantinetta Antinori can expect an inviting restaurant in warm colours and dark wood. Valuable frescoes by artist Marie Hartig and selected works of art complement the tasteful interior. Let us whisk you away to Tuscany - without having to travel, just a few steps away from St. Stephen's Cathedral!

Our restaurant is extended to include an atmospheric outdoor café during the summer months. This is the perfect place to enjoy the Viennese old town ambience with a glass of Franciacorta.

Take a seat at the Cantinetta Antinori and immerse yourself in the magic of Tuscany!

Virtual tour through the Cantinetta Antinori Vienna