Antinori Wines

Wine enjoyment with a tradition rich in innovation

The soil in which a vine takes root is essential for the quality of a wine. The grape variety gives a direction, but it is the ground on which the vine stands that really shapes its character. This is also the case with the wines of the Antinori family. The noble drops are rooted in the rich history of winegrowing and wine trading of the Florentine dynasty, which spans more than 600 years. Just as the sediments of a soil ultimately define the individual grape in its uniqueness, so too does the tradition of the Antinori family. The centuries-old knowledge of viticulture and the grape varieties selected over generations, together with the will to innovate, make Antinori wines what they are: Essences of Italy.

Antinori wines
the taste of Italy's regions

Much like our dishes at the Cantinetta Antinori, the Antinori wines themselves tell a story about Italy's regions through their carefully selected compositions. They echo the traditions as well as the innovations of each of the regions from which they originate.